Cassandra Erin Women’s ID Bracelet

# Women’s ID Bracelet

Cassandra Erin Women’s ID Bracelet

# Women’s ID Bracelet

Women’s ID Bracelet

5/6” x 1-3/4″
FH004-S-NW        $244
Argentium silver with yellow gold accents and jump  ring or in all silver

FH004-S-GW        $559
Argentium silver with 18k gold wrap around the front and back

Backpress              $59

Product Details

Name Women’s ID Bracelet
Stock Number Women’s ID Bracelet
Type Bracelet

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The Diamond Family Cassandra Erin
Cassandra Erin

For over 10 years we have been creating pieces with “your handwriting, your message”.  Our pieces are crafted
by hand in our St Charles studio.  We use high quality materials to make your piece a forever piece. 
Premium Argentium silver is used for those who value quality, the cleanest finest silver,  with most nickel and
copper removed it is highly tarnish resistant. Adorned with 18K yellow gold, or you can chose to have your
piece made from solid 18K yellow or rose gold, or even pure Platinum!
Each piece is made from scratch custom to you, by traditionally trained metalsmiths using time honored
techniques, which result in a unique, artistic hand made look. They are not mass produced on an assembly
line by a machine engraver.  Carried in over 30 high end jewelry boutiques in the US and Canada we maintain
the highest of standards.  Every piece is handled with the delicate love and care it deserves. Creating a keepsake
for a lifetime.