Lauren Huskey

Lauren Huskey
Sales Representative
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Lauren's BIO...


1.) I was born and raised in St.Louis, MO. Most of my years were spent between Eureka with my mother and Hillsboro with my father. I have been very fortunate to grow up learning to work with my hands, play in creeks beds, help out around the farm, and just truly be a carefree child of the 90's. I currently live in the North Hampton area near Tower Grove Park. I have really enjoyed being this close to downtown as I love St. Louis's food scene.


2.) I have been lucky enough to work for The Diamond Family since Oct. 31, 2018.


3.) I truly do love working for The Diamond Family because it's just that "family." From two brothers Michael and Alex who are amazing role models and leaders, their Aunt Linda who is our backbone, Dollard who is the store grandma, hostess extraordinaire,  philosopher and all around sweetheart. Then there is Rocky the man who started it all, he is truly a jack of all trades with his charismatic personality, wisdom, and true salesmanship. Todd has become my personal mentor and I am convinced there is nothing jewelry related he doesn't know. He always makes us laugh and is never at a loss for words. Jonathan is someone I look up to with his confidence and incredible salesmanship. Lastly, there is Laura who is such a crucial part of the back of house and just an all around good person. I feel right at home here! Every day is nothing like the last, we are constantly growing, changing and adapting. One minute I am taking in a simple repair and the next I am custom designing something from scratch using their loved ones diamonds.  I love that I have the ability to touch someone through the power of jewelry.


4.) I went to Eureka High School graduating in 2011. From there I used the A+ program to help pay for my attendance at St. Louis Community College where I graduated with an Associates Degree in General Studies. I transfered to Lindenwood University and still feeling very undecided about my career path choose to study Social Work. My whole life all I have ever known is that I wanted to help people, buthow I was very uncertain. I worked a full time job as a bartender and waitress while I attended college. After college I was a day care teacher for a few years and really enjoyed the bond between the children and I. Taking a break from the kiddos I waitress at 360 downtown while apply to go back to school. During this time I met Michael who thought I would be a great fit for their newly open position at The Diamond Family. After several courses through Gemological Institute of America (GIA) online, reading as much as I could about jewelry and shadowing with hands on practice I was ready for the showroom floor.


5.) My favorite gemstone has to be the king of all gemstones...The Diamond. It truly excites me every time I look at a diamond through a loupe. It looks like a magnificent kaleidoscope, every facet is so precise, the fire and brilliance are like a rainbow of colors beaming from the stone. The inclusions or lack there of tell a unique story about each stone. I am holding in my hand something that was created over a billion years ago deep below the earth surface and the idea of that is magical. Diamonds are used all over the world in many different forms, but my personal favorite is for jewelry.


6.) I first met Michael and Alex through my mother, Michele Roshell. She actually designed the store. She is an amazing interior decorator as well as all around handy woman. She explained the boys as being charming and wonderful to work with. I walked into the new showroom to see my mothers work come to life and that is where I was greeted by Michael. We chatted for awhile and he gave me a store tour, showing me some of his favorite pieces that he knew I couldn't leave without seeing. I left that day feeling extremely impressed by everyone I had met and how welcoming they were to me. Later that month Michael called me and thought my  personality was just what the store was lacking. His confidence in me is what really made me take the leap of faith down a new career path that I just LOVE!