The Diamond Family has one of the most stunning and robust collections of estate jewelry in St. Louis. Since 1978, our doors have been open to customers who want to sell jewelry, in addition to buyers of course. We never know what is going to come walking in the doors, which is one of the best perks of being a full service jeweler in St. Louis who buys, sells, and trades jewelry! Our estate cases are filled with hundreds of unique, timeless, previously loved items from every era of history. When searching for vintage engagement rings, diamond brooches, used timepieces, used jewelry, and/or trying to sell jewelry in St. Louis. The Diamond Family would love to be your one stop resource. Over the years our business has grown, and fortunately so has our estate jewelry collection. From the most timeless estate Tiffany engagement, a loose European cut diamond, to the used Rolex and Cartier other high end timepieces that trickle in from time to time! Owning fine jewelry and fine diamonds is one of life's most adventurous and ever changing luxuries, estate jewelry has traveled through time, and each item has a story. We are just lucky that The Diamond Family is a stop along the way to its new home. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing our passion for estate jewelry with you!