Tru Reflections


For as long as we can remember, we have dealt with the same style of jewelry and settings. And what is one thing we know about women? They like their diamonds and they like them BIG. So why wouldn’t you want to get them something that looks bigger for the same price tag?


With our Tru Reflections collection of jewelry, our diamonds appear 30% larger than in other settings and are priced the same as other jewelry of the same actual karat size. They are set in a way that makes them blend into the metal and appear bigger than their counterparts. So the improvement hasn’t been made to the diamond itself, but rather to the way the stone is mounted and set. 


Our Tru Reflections earrings were incredibly popular, so much so that we have now included necklaces and bracelets to the collection. So no matter what kind of jewelry you’re looking at for your special someone, we’ve got you covered. And with the holidays quickly approaching, what better time is there to deck her out in ice that’s nearly twice as nice?


Just look at how different these 1ct studs appear!


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